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A Professional Corporation

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Commercial litigation

Our attorneys have significant experience representing individuals and businesses in a wide spectrum of commercial and business disputes. Trust us to handle everything from breach of contract to fraud and misrepresentation to oil and gas disputes. Over the years, we have seen cases unfold from the viewpoint of both the plaintiff and defendant, and therefore are able to offer objective, practical legal advice when called upon to do so. From protecting the interests of a national corporation to a small business, our attorneys bring their specific set of skills to all types of commercial cases with the goal of successfully upholding and protecting our client’s rights in a court of law.

Civil litigation

Come to Yarbrough, Brown, Bauman & Smith for civil litigation matters, including employment, patent and construction related suits. Employment litigation can encompass a diverse spectrum of cases. Regardless of what form it takes, if you are subjected to employment-related claims, we are prepared to bring you the kind of counsel and representation you need.


Our attorneys have also successfully represented clients in disputes and litigation related to construction. Whether it is a residential property or a commercial building, we have represented builders, subcontractors and individuals in both pursuing their own legal rights or defending a claim made against them.

Taking on commercial and civil lawsuits

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